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C is for Cuenca, that’s good enough for me!

Cuenca is C for cool! A thriving city: it strikes a balance between looking good, having everything you need, stylish-but-friendly people, nuns, vegetarian restaurants and a very grumpy barber-ess.


Baños and a Shy Volcano

Baños, adventure capital of Ecuador, sits under the mighty Tungarahua volcano (5023m), which is so active that very recently its output actually caused the road into Baños to be blocked. Consequently, our esteemed and conservative...


Otavalo – Stripy Trouser Redux

Many years ago – okay seven – my mother-in-law and I bonded over the acquisition of some very hippy-ish, stripy trousers that we each bought at the famous Otavalo market. On that day I...