It’s almost time to go…….

Welcome to our blog. It’s very basic today but hopefully we’ll develop it further as we go, making it more informative and building our library of memories as we travel. We trust it will reside forever in the digital world, or at least until the power goes down in a last gasp as we humans finally exhaust the world’s resources. 🙂

Anyway, about five years ago we decided that it might be better to take some time travelling the world, before we aged disgracefully. Maybe it was one too many tales of people keeling over after retirement or unable to fulfill a dream after a life of graft. It might also be because we are sort of part of the “want it now” generation. In any case, we found a map, investigated the weather (we are British after all – well Alison is actually from the US but the Queen did give her a passport) and decided to save up for a bit.

Somehow five years have passed, the resignations have been sent and now we find ourselves faced with an organisational nightmare: renting the house, disposing of our worldly goods and with a flight booked to Guatemala. We’ve studied the blogs of others at length. We decided to travel light and now we have a room full of travel stuff ready to fit into two very small bags, once the miniaturisation ray is completed

Advice was taken to build a blog to document it all … so here it is, a first post, singularly unimpressive but somehow symbolic (at least to us).

Welcome and please do pop back!

5 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Hope your first week has gone well and you’re both settling into your new life.

  2. Toby Bailey Toby Bailey says:

    Thanks Mark, taking it slow and relaxing this first week in Antigua, Guatemala. Great city with amazing food and friendly bearing.

  3. Kim Arbuckle says:

    Hello you two! Hope it’s all going well so far & you’re gradually recovering from the shock! Hope to see some photos & updates on here soon! Kxxx

  4. Anu says:

    Hi Toby,

    Great to hear of your adventure! Congrats on having the courage to live your dream.. and thanks for this blog so that we can vicariously travel through you too!


    • Toby Bailey Toby Bailey says:

      Hi Anu,

      It has taken a bit of planning but it’s finally happening. Now we just need to ensure that as we travel we take time to visit friends everywhere we go! I hope we get to see you sometime.


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