Waking up somewhere new

From an airport lounge at dawn

The house has been packed up and left to the tenants. We sold some things, donated others, and the rest (including a much-loved cat!) were stored with family. We then moved in with them for a week causing all sorts of upheaval at a very busy time for them (sorry about that, but many, many thanks D-squared!).

Then suddenly it was time to leave and everybody jumped in the car. The moment of leaving the country, which we thought would be quite moving, was actually a little mundane and anticlimactic. Something that takes so much planning and mental preparation for you may not have the same resonance for those you leave behind, even if they will miss you and think of you. Goodbyes were said quickly, since nobody likes to linger, and then we spent a night in a cheap airport hotel where the kitchen fans provided a constant low hum.


The light enters

Forward twenty hours, a dash through Paris, then through Mexico City airport (which really takes some time to figure out) and we popped out in Guatemala into a clammy night in the small hours, to face a crowd of locals and a ride that wasn’t there…yet.

Quite daunted, smelly and a little nervous, you find of course that people help you. The ride eventually turns up and in a few more hours you wake up somewhere new.


A first view

As the sun rises you get a first view out into a country that will be your home for the next few months. You shower and prepare for a hostel breakfast, followed by a bus trip to destination proper number one.

Only one problem, you don’t have any luggage!

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