Author: Toby Bailey


El Calafate – Rivers of Ice and Cloud

North of Ushuaia, El-Calafate, gateway to the mountains and Los Glaciares National park in Patagonia. Set on the shore of Lago Argentina this small town is in the grip of winter rain and sleet...


San Pedro de Atacama – Chilean Desert Chilling

Back to civilisation: a famous Chilean town in the high Atacama desert… one of the driest places on Earth. Hot, cold and..did I mention that it is dry? Thankfully having been collected from the...


Potosi and a mountain that eats men!

High in the Bolivian Andes sits El Cerro Rico, a mountain that captures the imagination. Sitting like a scarred monolith above Potosi, it has dictated the town’s fortunes for over five centuries and extracted...